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Adesivo Fibra De Carbono 4d Moldável Tipo Vidro Glossy Modelo SG-07

Product Name: Black 4D Carbon Fiber Vinyl With Air Free   Specification: ITEM...
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Product Name: Black 4D Carbon Fiber Vinyl With Air Free



ITEM NAME:                                                4D CARBON FIBER VINYLS

COLOR:                                                         BLACK

SIZE:                                                              1FT X 5FT

MATERIAL:                                                  PVC


ADHESIVE:                                      PRESSURE-SENSITIVE/ SELF-ADHESIVE

RESISTANT TEMPERATURE:                   -40°c~90°c (-40°F~194°F)



1) The 4D carbon fiber vinyl can be re-lifted, repositioned and stretched with heat gun, can be applied on the whole car(interior and exterior surface), motorcycle or the furniture or the digital product, Anything you like, Just use your imagination!

2) High quality glue, Do no harm to your car paint, without any residual glue would be left on the car after remove the vinyl, your car will look like a brand new car even many years later.

3) Backside of the vinyl is with Air Drain/Air Release/Air Free Bubbles, make it easy to wrap and REFUSE the bubbles.

4) Protect your car from UV rays, Dirt, Grease, Mild Acids. Decorate your car nicely and also protect your car perfectly. Killing two birds with one stone. 

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