Video Inspection Scope DD2100


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Video Inspection Scope DD2100

The Video inspection scope is for remote inspection of areas generally inaccessible to the naked eye.

It comes with a distal video camera at the end of a 36" shaft for internal inspection of engines A/C system and any space such as walls or old tree trunks.

Imaging and illumination is provided by a full colour image sensor and dual solid state LEDs which are controlled by an on/off rocker switch.

The 2.

5" full colour LCD screen allows you to observe live video from the distal camera.

The unit is powered by 4 x AA batteries and comes in a protective case for storage and transportation.

The accessory mirror allows you to see 90 degrees to the axis of the shaft.


Cable length and diameter: 36" x 6.


Cable type: Obedient

Distal tip diameter: 0.

42" max

Diameter with accessories: 0.

46" maxi

Viewing angle: 55 °

Viewing distance: 0.

4" to infinity

Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels

Viewing monitor: Colour 3" LCD

Video out port: RCA - NTSC signal

Shaft radius: 2.

5" minimum

Power: 4 x AA alkaline batteries

Battery life: 4 hours

Storage temperature: -20°C to +70°C

Operating temperature: 0°C to +45°C


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