Localizador de Chaves VR-20


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Código do produto: 202022

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Localizador de Chaves VR-20

ARDI Bluetooth iReminder SB20 Key Locater

An electronic leash that will sound an alarm when your iOS/Android devices leaves your vicinity.

You can also use your iOS/Android devices to find the lost iReminder thanks to the duplex communication protocol.

A handy app called iStuffFinder, will show on Apple or Google Map the last time the iReminder and phone were connected.

As a remote shutter release for self-portraits or to prevent blur by shaking camera.

The app can control the alarm threshold distance, set the iReminder to start beeping when a call is incoming, and switch the proximity alarm on/off.

The app may be used with multiple iReminder units.

Simple to use interface allows you to rename each tag attached to your valuables, such as Keys, Wallet, etc.

A brilliant little device that could save you a lot of trouble and loss.

Product Features

Support multiple BLE devices (Maximum 4 tags) on iOS/Android devices

Each tag is configurable for different applications.

User selectable alert distances.

Two-way FindMe function for lost or misplaced items.

Automatically reconnects each tag after waking up from sleep mode.

Audible alert service from the Smart Tag in noisy environments or if the iOS/Android devices are in mute mode.

Example: When a call comes in, the Smart Tag will provide an audible call alert to the user.

(Call alert service can be audio, vibrate, Visual using colored LED’s to attract attention).

Automatically sets Map location for user when iOS/Android devices and Key Tag are out of the Link Lost range (Handy for pinpointing missing items last known locations).

Alternatively, if the user does not use the Link Lost Automatic Set function, you have the option to manually use the App to enable “Set Map functions” for placing “Place Marker Pin setting.

The App will show the letter 'P' on screen reminding you that a Smart Tag has a map location for viewing.

The iOS/Android App supports Airplane Mode.

The iOS/Android App has multiple user selectable “Alert Tones” for each individual tag.

The iOS/Android App supports “Camera remote control function” enabling you to capture up to 100 photo images from using Smart tag as a remote control.

Monitor the battery life of all your Tags from your iPhone.

Up to 6-month battery life of TAG for low maintenance.

Built-in advance power saving mode.



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