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Electronic Dog Training with Beeper

  • 4 hunt sounds (including silent) and 2 point sounds (including hawk scream)

  • Beeper remote locate feature operable in silent hunt mode

  • Tones, vibrations, 36 levels of momentary and 18 levels of continuous stimulation

  • 5 training modes (beeper control available on 3 modes)

  • Built-in BarkLimiter™ with Advanced Bark Correction Technology

Delta Upland

The Delta Upland remote training system combines a beeper with an easy-to-use remote dog trainer and built-in BarkLimiter, giving you 3 devices in one.

The slim, compact dog device is optimized to work on all breeds and coat thicknesses, all with an effective range of ¾ mi.

Upland Beeper

Its lightweight (3 oz) beeper is attached to the ¾" training collar and operated remotely with the handheld unit.

With 4 hunt sounds (including silent) and 2 point sounds (including hawk scream), the beeper uses the latest in sound technology to achieve more than ¼ mi range to help locate your bird dog and know when it’s on point.

And the beeper has a locate feature, even in silent hunt mode.

You can push the beeper button on the handheld unit and it will emit a series of tones as long as you’re pressing the button.

If you want to hear the beeper only when you lose track of a dog, the locate feature comes in handy.

3 Ways to Train Your Dog

Choose from 18 levels of continuous and 36 levels of momentary stimulation, vibration or tone.

With 5 correction/beeper configurations (viewable on the LCD display), you can choose the option best suited to the situation and dog temperament.

Built-in BarkLimiter

BarkLimiter recognizes the difference between barking and other vocalizations, and vibration from scratching and scraping or from other dogs’ barks.

So it virtually eliminates false and over-correction.

The autorise function automatically adjusts correction to the optimum level to stop unwanted barking.

Ergonomic Design

Delta Upland’s ergonomic design allows you to operate it with one hand.

Its 3 front “action” buttons activate the beeper, stimulation, tone and/or vibration.

Side buttons and an easy-to-read LCD display let you switch easily between training/beeper configurations and dogs (supports up to 3 dogs with additional dog devices).

Tough, Waterproof, Long-lasting

Delta Upland is rugged and IPX7 waterproof.

A long-lasting, rechargeable lithium-ion battery is included for both the transmitter and dog device, and a the beeper includes a replaceable CR 123A battery.

The Delta Upland beeper uses the same technology as the Tri-Tronics® Upland G3 Beeper, but with a ¾" collar strap.

Handheld Physical & Performance

Unit dimensions, WxHxD: 2.

1" x 5.

4" x 1.

1" (5.

2 x 13.

6 x 2.

7 cm )

Weight: 3.

7 oz (106 g)

Range: 3/4 mi

Multi-dog compatibility: 3

BarkLimiter: yes

Autorise bark correction mode: yes

Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion (included)

Battery life: 60 hours per charge

Waterproof: yes (IPX7)

Floats: yes

Handheld Features

Correction levels: 36

Momentary/continuous correction: yes

Vibration correction: yes

Tone correction: yes

Training configurations: 5

Dog Device

Unit dimensions, WxHxD: 1.

5" x 2.

3" x 1.

7" (3.

7 x 5.

9 x 4.

2 cm)

Weight: 2.

4 oz (67 g)

Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion (included)

Battery life: 60 hours per charge

Waterproof: yes (IPX7)

Floats: no

Collar compatibility: 0.

75" (1.

9 cm)


Unit dimensions, WxHxD: 3.

7 x 5.

9 x 4.

2 cm (1.

5" x 2.

1" x 2.


Weight: 67 g (3 oz)

Battery: 3v CR123A (included)

Waterproof: yes (IPX7)

Collar compatibility: 1.

9 cm (0.

75" )

Sounds: 4 hunt; 2 point.

Can be heard for 1/4 mi or more depending on conditions and the hunter's hearing ability


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Delta Upland handheld unit
Delta Upland dog device
Orange 3/4" collar strap
Charging clip
USB cable
USB split cable
Replaceable CR123A battery for beeper
AC adapter

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