Capacete SHOEI RF-1100 Modelo CHROMA TC-2


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Descrição do produto

* Aerodynamic shell design is the product of extensive wind-tunnel testing and feedback from professional riders

* Shell constructed from lightweight, AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus) technology; high-performance fiber materials are combined with organic fibers to create a shell structure that is ultra lightweight, rigid and resilient

* Aerodynamic shell-integrated spoiler and tail fin reduce lift during riding

* Dual-layer EPS liner enhances impact absorption and ventilation

* Upper air intake vent is positioned to maximize air volume inside helmet

* Separate top outlet vent allows for optimum flow-through ventilation

* Four rear outlet vents allow for adjustment of airflow based on riding position; rear/neck exhaust outlets vent air out

* Enlarged lower air intake/defroster vent reduces shield fogging and increases ventilation

* Fully removable, washable, and replaceable interior lining absorbs and dissipates sweat; ergonomically designed to offer safety, fit and comfort

* Also includes breath guard and chin curtain

* Quick-Release Self-Adjusting base plate (Q.




) allows tool-less shield removal

* Wide, three-dimensionally curved CW-1 shield offers increased peripheral vision and optical clarity; scratch-resistant coating

* Ear cavities accommodate communication speakers

* Padded double D-ring retention strap with chin-strap clip for controlling strap flutter

* Medium helmet weighs 3 lb.

, 8 oz.

* Comes with clear face shield


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